The Magnum is the second largest bait we offer consisting of a leading #8 blade followed by double #10's. This bait pulls like a standard double 8 and is available in a wide range of color options.




The Super Magnum is the largest in our custom line of bucktails. consisting of a leading #8 blade followed by double 12's. though it sounds like a lot, it is comparable to cranking in a standard double 10.


Our Little Hypnosis is a crafty little bait. Hypnotyzing the fish as it comes through the water with its unique #10 blade. With 4 options of blade colors and lots of options in flash or bucktail hair.


Baitfish is our most popular lure. Consisting of 3 blades that are in line with each other. (6-8-10) Each bait can be fully customized from the color of each blade to the color of the flash skirt or bucktail hair.